If you would ask me or Isaac why we decided to move to Townsville for the next two years of our lives, it is difficult to think of just one answer.
We have many dreams, visions and reasons to why we came here. The answer to why is so big and yet it is quite simple. If you sum all of it up, we're here because we love the city of Townsville, we want to learn to love it more and we want the people of Townsville to feel loved.
How we'll work this out can be so many different ways. We have things in mind that we would really like to do and dreams that we would like to see fulfilled by the end of our two years here. If it actually happens or not is yet to be seen.
Three weeks ago we started our internship with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Townsville, the same organisation that we've done two schools with before. The difference this time is that we're full-time staff, but also getting certified in Christian Missions. It means that it's a different dynamic to other times we've been here, something that we're still adapting to.
Isaac has quickly jumped into his new role as Venue Manager, which practically means he's in charge of keeping the campus clean, safe and in order.
The area I'm in at the moment is called Community Life. Simply put, it's organising events that bring life to the campus community. Things like Christmas partys and community bbq's. I could go into more detail, but in fact, I'll most likely change to another area within the next couple of weeks, so more about that later!

Ahead of us are two years full of challenges, adventures and learning how to love. We're still growing in our roles here and looking ahead on what the future might look like. To be honest, it's not always easy, but I'm glad that we are here.

You're all amazing,