Sorry it has been a while since the last update. Em and I arrived here in a beautiful old car almost 8 weeks ago. After 2 weeks here I received the responsibility of managing one of the departments responsible for the logistic and operational side of the Townsville campus. Having never led a team in this sort of area or really worked in it, and having led relatively few teams in the past I did not know what I was getting into. 

 The process of learning that to lead is to serve has been very helpful. It sounds very simple but to walk this out is very difficult sometimes.  I am also learning that I must be willing to live at the standard I wish the team to live at, I have little authority to speak into someone else’s life otherwise, it just seems hypocritical. To be faithful with what God has given me definitely takes some effort, but I enjoy this immensely.

I have also begun to learn that we are part of a far far bigger team. Ships, Training, Communications, Maintenance, Leadership etc., all need Operations and together we form the Townsville base. We are no better than each other and need to be sharing resources, people, vision, wisdom and purpose to achieve goals.

On the campus (where Em and I reside currently), students and staff are trained in many aspects of life: spiritual, medical, finances, music, production, communication and the list goes on. A guess would be that there are over 160 people on site at the moment. The other arm the base here operates a medical ship which boards 100 people. It provides very practical, needed medical help as well as education to the people of Papua New Guinea.

But even on that scale we are just one small group out of the many God has called to serve in Papua New Guinea and Australia. I cannot see all at this scope, and not sure any one person can. But it is a beautiful privilege to see how many people’s lives are dramatically improved and finding purpose. I feel blessed to be able to be a part of it.