Our adventure starts here, with a fully loaded Toyota Corolla from -97. This car is a miracle and it got us all the way from Tamworth to Townsville. The craziest thing is that a few days before we left, the car was hardly roadworthy. Literally, the first real drive we took it on (with the exception of getting it home to Isaac's parents) was the 1649 km trip to Townsville. The truck yard that so generously gave it to us made a huge effort and got it all ready the night before, registration and everything. With a little help from our friends in Tamworth, we got the car in good enough condition to go all the way up to tropical north Queensland.

I learned a few things along the way. Like the fact that what Australian road maps define as a "highway" is definitely not the same thing as what I define as a highway. Ours generally aren't dirt roads. And generally don't have potholes that fill up with mud when it's raining. Or have cows crossing at random times. Everything in our car was covered with this fine, red dust after two hours of driving along the "highway". Australia is fantastic.
Yes, we're definitely back in Australia again. Northern Queensland, Townsville, for the next two years of our lives. We've barely started our assignments and work placements here, so that will have to be updated a bit later. To be honest, we're not 100% sure what they are yet.
Thanks for following our journey, all of you are an amazing support to us.

Lots of love, Emilie