Coral rubble beach near Airlie Beach, Australia.

After some delays, visa issues and an awfully long flight, we finally made it to Australia!
Back here at YWAM Townsville, we jumped straight back into work and our new job roles. Isaac now heads up the property development department, which includes maintenance and building projects, while I get to work in the training office. It's one of the more stationary jobs I've had in a while, but for once, I really don't mind it. I get to work with our staff training courses and internships and so far, I haven't run out of things to do.

The tree just outside our door in Townsville. Rainbow lorikeets are drawn to the flowers and add some extra colour splashes to our garden.

Sometimes it's easy to forget just how beautiful of a place we get to call home. We get to wake up every morning to the rainbow lorikeets landing in a tree outside our house, and outside my office window, a pair of sunbirds are building a nest. 

Isaac working away at the field at our family summer house in Sweden.
Isaac and I out for a kayak trip on the lake at the summer house.

I must say though, that after we had rebooked our flights and realised we needed to stay longer in Sweden, it turned out to for the better. We got all that extra time to re-connect with friends and family, truly have a holiday and just enjoy the Scandinavian summer. So it turns out that the delay was a blessing after all, however inconvenient it felt at the time!



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